Balloons are a great way to brighten up any party! But sometimes it’s tricky to know the best way to inflate each one, how to seal them and how long to expect them to float when filled with helium. Our handy guide has top tips for each kind of balloon.

Please note that the weather, temperature and storage of your helium canisters can reduce the amount of balloons you are able to inflate. We would recommend that they are stored somewhere cool and dry and brought back to room temperature the day before use.

Weather, temperature and storage location can also reduce the length of time that helium-inflated balloons will float. Cold temperatures cause the helium to contract – causing balloons to deflate faster. If the balloons are stored somewhere too hot, the helium will expand and the balloons may pop. They are best stored at room temperature.

Under-inflating a balloon will reduce the floatation time. You cannot inflate an 11” or 12” balloon to a 9” size as it will not float or stay inflated for the expected time.

Once you have finished with your helium canisters they can be taken to your local recycling centre.

PLEASE NOTE: All inflation volumes and floatation times are for guidance only and will vary depending on your exact balloon. These guidelines assume that each balloon is inflated to the recommended size.

For more information about how to use our helium canisters, please see our Youtube videos: