Our latex balloons come in a variety of sizes but most commonly measure 11 inches when inflated. They can be inflated with either air or helium. Smaller 5 inch and 9 inch balloons are also available but are intended for use by the decorator market.

5” latex – Air fill only

Our Helium Canister for 30 Balloons will fill approximately:
16 x 11” latex balloons
12 x 12” latex balloons
30 x 9” latex balloons

Floatation time (approx):
11” latex – 5-7 hours
9” latex – 5-7 hours
5” latex – Air fill only
Hi-Float balloon treatment is sold separately and can help balloons float for 25 times longer.

Sealing information:
These balloons are not self-sealing.

Ribbons and balloon weights:
Ribbons and balloon weights are sold separately. We recommend 1.3m of ribbon per balloon. A 170g balloon weight will secure approximately 10 x 11" helium-filled latex balloons.